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University & Classroom Policies

Please read our registration policies very carefully. When registering for any course with FREU, you are agreeing to abide by these policies. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the following policies.

61J2-17.015 Required Communication by School Permit Holders.

No real estate school, permit holder or instructor shall recruit for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage firm during classroom instructional time. Each school permit holder must post in every classroom and administrative area, and read at the beginning of each course, the following statement:

“Recruiting for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage firm must be accomplished outside the prescribed classroom instructional time. Noncompliance should be reported to the Commission.”

Specific Authority 475.05 FS.
Law Implemented 475.451(1),(2)(a),(c) FS. History–New 6-28-93, Formerly 21V-17.015.

FINANCIAL AID for Military Personnel.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, our primary focus is helping people get to work. This includes military on active duty who hold professional licenses; military spouses and veterans of our armed services. DBPR has several programs which were developed to assist these individuals with the licensing process, whether a spouse needs help applying for a state license after being transferred to a Florida duty station, an active duty member wants to keep his or her license current during a deployment, or a veteran is trying to obtain a license with experience earned during his or her service to our country. Visit MyFloridaLicense.com for complete details.

Why attend our courses?

Repeat: The entire class at no additional tuition. Space available & updated textbooks must be purchased.

Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied at any time with the Instructor or the University, the entire class fee (less the cost of textbooks & materials issued by the university) and a $100.00 non-refundable administrative fee. Requests for refund Must Be Made in Writing Prior to taking the end-of-class final examination,

Monies may be applied to a future class for up to six (6) months from date of initial payment after which time all funds will be forfeited without further notice EXCEPT in the case of students failing to show for their scheduled class (no shows) whereupon all funds will be forfeited immediately. Students requesting transfers will be assessed a $50 fee.

The PREP Course is not refundable.
Additional fees apply for retakes and repeats.
NO REFUND for online courses.
Once issued, books are NOT returnable, refundable or exchangeable.

Your class may be video monitored and recorded.
Registration indicates understanding and acceptance of this policy.

Instructor on Call: Have a question about class or your classroom materials; you can reach our instructors @ 888.738.7381 Ext 73 

Class Audit: You may at any time audit any class at the University. The fee will be one half the posted class fee plus materials. Credit of your paid fee will apply if you later decide to take the class for credit, you have up to one year from enrollment.

Phone Calls: Only Emergency calls while in the classroom. Cell phone off or on vibrate.
Smoking: NO Smoking in the building. Please refrain from heavy perfumes and colognes.
Classroom Supplies: Bring a notepad, pens, pencils, highlighter, and calculator.
Recording: No Recording of any kind is allowed in any class.

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