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DBPR Services for Military Personnel

At the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, our primary focus is helping people get to work. This includes military on active duty who hold professional licenses; military spouses and veterans of our armed services.

DBPR has several programs which were developed to assist these individuals with the licensing process, whether a spouse needs help applying for a state license after being transferred to a Florida duty station, an active duty member wants to keep his or her license current during a deployment, or a veteran is trying to obtain a license with experience earned during his or her service to our country.

Please select from the links below to choose the program area which may assist you directly.

Military on Active Duty
Military and Veteran Spouses
Florida National Guard

New Legislation in Effect

Highlights of the law:

Applies to Home Inspection and Real Estate Professionals Includes military on active duty who hold professional licenses; military spouse and veterans of the armed services.

For Active Duty, the member is exempt from all license renewal requirements for the duration of active duty and for a period of six months after discharge.

For Veterans, the Department has waived the initial licensing fee, the initial application fee and the initial unlicensed activity fee for military veterans who apply for a state license within 24 months after an honorable discharge from any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

The VA will reimburse eligible applicants for the cost of licensing and certification examinations, not to exceed $2,000 per test. 

These licensing and certification exams must be generally deemed necessary to pursue a trade or profession.

F.S. Ch 205.171 allows disabled vets to claim a $50 discount toward their state license fee. 
The spouse of an active duty member of the United State Armed Forces may be issued a temporary license to the practice a profession in Florida.  The applicant’s spouse must be on active duty and assigned to a duty station in Florida. 

The applicant must hold a valid license for the profession in another state, the District of Columbia, any United State territory or possession, or a foreign jurisdiction.


The license is valid for six months.Click here for more details http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/dbprmilitary.html